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Nursing in Germany

Germany is one of the top 10 countries in the world with a large population over the age of 65. According to estimation the nursing sector in Germany will need 150,000 new nurses by 2025. It is not surprising that the country is actively recruiting nurses from abroad to look after its citizens who are in their golden ages.

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What Degrees are there for Nursing in Germany?

In Germany most of the students have to go through an apprenticeship ( also known as Ausbildung ) in a German hospital.  Before you apply for an apprenticeship at a hospital, you should have at least a B2 level in German proficiency as you would need to be  able to interact with your patients in German. Once you are accepted you will undergo theoretical and practical training for a total of 3 years. 

At the end of the program, you are required to pass a state examination to successfully conclude your training. Upon the completion of apprenticeship, you will be able to work at hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient care facilities, health insurance companies and so on. 

Cost of Studying Nursing

Unlike other countries, the cost of living in Germany is relatively less expensive. On an average an international student would need about 850 euros a month to cover his or her living expenses. It is good to note that this figure should be used only as a guide as factors like the city that you are living in and your lifestyle choices will also determine your monthly expenditures.

The students are able to immediately start earning when you begin your apprenticeship in Germany.

Most partner universities or vocational schools do not charge any tuition fee but will require the students to contribute a small amount of money each semester.

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